Resco Technology offers a wide variety of substation configurations to meet all your electrical needs.  Built completely in our factory, this all-in-one approach saves time and money and allows us to custom tailor the substation to your needs, giving you everything you need, and nothing you don't.


Primary switchgear options:

· Metal Enclosed Switch and Fuse Load Interrupter: Provides dependable, reliable and safe switching for circuits rated from 2.4kV through 38kV in 600 or 1200 ampere.  This optioned is electrically and mechanically designed for your  high voltage circuit protection.  This switchgear is ideal for transformer primary applications

· Metal Enclosed Breaker Switchgear: Replaces the fuses in the Metal Enclosed Switch and Fuse Load Interrupter  with fixed mounted vacuum circuit breaker.  This assembly consists of a switch and vacuum breaker in a series.  This design is used where low cost protection is needed.

· Medium Voltage Metal Clad Switchgear: Features a vacuum interrupter circuit breaker, interchangeable parts, rugged construction and a standardized design.  This switchgear is available in 5kV, 15kV, 27kV and 38kV designs.

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Primary switchgear options:

· Liquid Filled Transformers: When the higher performance of liquid cooling is needed

· Dry-Type Transformers: When ease of installation, maintainability, accessibility and economy are important and liquid filled transformers are unacceptable

· Vacuum Cast Coil Transformers: Needed when total owning cost, size constraints, higher operating voltages and protection against hostile environments concerns are present.

· VPI: Vacuum pressure encapsulated silicon resin. Perfect for moisture rich and adverse environments.             Resco Technology offers special triple dip system for marine environments.