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Resco Technology Medium Voltage, Metal Clad Switchgear is the first switchgear with a completely innovative modular, bolted design introduced in the ANSI market in more than a decade.

With more than 60 years experience in power distribution systems design, Resco Technology uses ABB developed breakers and structures with the ANSI user in mind.  Our Metal-Clad switchgear greatly improves maintenance.    Flexibility of engineering is based on a truly modular concept, with many product variations, configurations and options.


Featuring ABB’S ADVAC and AMVAC circuit breakers

  ABB's new advanced design of vacuum circuit breakers feature the latest technology in vacuum interrupters and operating mechanisms, resulting in outstanding reliability and maintainability.. The ADVAC breaker offers a conventional trip mechanism, utilizing a toroidal spring, coil and charging motor.  ABB's new AMVAC breaker module offers the next generation in trip mechanisms.  All breakers have been tested to the most recent versions of ANSI C37.04, C37.06 and C37.09


Breaker Modules

Resco Technology switchgear is designed to accept both the ADVAC and AMVAC medium voltage breakers with 5kV to 15 kV, 25kA to 50kA and 1200a, 2000a or 3000a continuous current ratings.  A 4000a Forced Air Cooled (FAC) rating is also available.  Breaker modules incorporate a three position; closed door racking system, along with fully automatic secondary disconnects to provide maximum operator safety.


Resco Technology Medium Voltage, Metal Clad switchgear systems with ADVAC/AMVAC circuit breakers are assembled from a complete set of rugged, stackable circuit breaker and auxiliary equipment modules. Precision fabrication equipment and advanced construction techniques result in high quality, properly aligned modules that support efficient field installation and commissioning, and provide consistent interchangeability of draw out assemblies with common ratings.  Modern bolted construction also greatly reduces the down time and costs associated with system changes and expansions.


Flexible Arrangements

Resco Technology switchgear components offer a variety of one-high and two-high switchgear configuration options as shown in the example below.  Modules are stackable to a total height of 95 inches.

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