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Using high quality components, Resco Technology can custom-build a low voltage lineup to fit your every need.  We specialize in building lineups to meet the project needs.  From standard sizes to size restricted enclosures, we can design our switchgear to your specifications from 208V to 575V, 1200A to 5000A.

Resco Technology GG1 Low Voltage Switchgear offers many advantages that include:

· Modular frame arrangements

· Optional barriers for increased personal protection

· Efficient and flexible designs

 The basic structure of switchgear is a rigid platform constructed of 12ga. steel.  A variety of other materials, including stainless steel and marine grade aluminum are available.


Our Switchgear offers an wide array of features, including:

· Copper bus is standard

· True Closed Door Drawout Capability

· Draw out Padlock Provision

· Breaker Rejection Feature

· Breaker Insertion/Withdrawal Interlock

· Safety Shutters Standard in every Breaker Cubicle

· Kirk Key Interlocks

· Overhead Lift Device

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