Save time and money by installing one of Resco Technology’s distribution electrical centers.  This ready to install unit, which integrates switchboards, transformers and panelboards into one enclosure, comes pre-wired and ready to install.

Some of the features of our Distribution Electrical Centers include the following:

· Reduced Overall Installation Costs:

¨         With reduced material handling and installation time, not to mention the reduction or total elimination of connecting conduit, wire, trough and fittings, these centers significantly reduce installation costs.

· Minimal Material Handling on site:

¨         Material handling on-site is a slow, costly endeavor that takes up valuable time.  With our unit enclosures, we can bring down the number of parts necessary to as low as one or two pieces.

· All Resco Technology distribution electrical centers are designed and engineered to meet all applicable standards and codes.

· Reduce installation space:

¨         In most case, these enclosures, take about 40% less space then conventional set-ups.

· Controls and consolidates HVAC, lighting control, and mechanical systems.

· Reduce Installation time:

¨         With distribution electrical centers, there are no panelboards to mount and no wiring to run, everything you need comes pre-assembled.  This saves hundreds of hours in your total cycle time, saving you money.

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