When circuit reliability is an issue, look no further then Resco Technology.  Our non-segregated bus duct is constructed using top quality components to insure a solid and reliable power transfer.  Our bus ducts can be used in a variety of applications, from unit substations to switchgear assemblies.

Please read on for details on regarding bus-duct features.




· Enclosure comes in a variety of options: Stainless Steel, NEMA 4X, NEMA 3R and aluminum, including marine grade aluminum for coastal environments

· Baked with Epoxy powder coat that provides mechanical strength and scratch resistance

· Meets the salt spray requirements of ASTM B-117

· Removable enclosure covers are bolt fastened allowing for easy access Welded enclosures are also an option

· Buss bar joints are secured by bolting the bars together, using splice plates on both sides, providing a solid connection

· All bus bar is 100% conductivity pure copper

· Flexible joints every 50 feet in straight bus runs allows for bus expansion when energized and carrying the rated current

· GP03 non-tracking bus supports


· Standard Heat Shrink Rubber insulation

· Fluidized bed epoxy insulation is nonhygroscopic and inert.  Also resists tracking, mold and fungus. Epoxy resin, unlike other insulations, uniformly coats any bus configuration.

· Electrical and thermal performance is enhanced since the epoxy is bonded directly to the bus conductor, eliminating the air gap found in other buses.  This improves heat transfer and prevents insulation damage and corona discharge

· Bus joints are insulated with a flame-retardant boot that is removable for joint inspection's.

· All bus bars mounted on GP03 insulating blocks


Termination Options:

· Flexible shunts

· Potheads

· Bushings




· Conductive stub ends

· Space leads

· Fire stops

Our bus duct meets all ANSI temperature rise requirements and NEC Standards.



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